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Dirty Apocalypse
Dirty Apocalypse
Everyone always assumed an apocalypse would be a dirty business. As it turned out, it was immaculate.
Not that anyone paid any attention to the whole thing at the time.
The dead street shone neon clean as Joe fumbled with the package. He was sweating lightly, even in the cool, conditioned air. He brought his other hand up to rub his receding chin, a nervous tic that annoyed him, even as his latex-covered fingers scratched again.
A woman's voice echoed benignly through the spaces between pastel cement and white walls. Please remain calm. Although the individual is not considered dangerous, he carries an item intended to cause distress to Society. Citizens are warned not to speak to the individual, but to terminate immediately or contact an officer of the Peace. The citizen who completes this act will be a Beloved of Society.
Joe considered spitting, but the irony of that death sentence would have been too much, even for him. Instead, he slid the delicate
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Mature content
KotOR2: How Many Jedi...? :iconuilleand:Uilleand 5 7
KotOR: Grey - Chapter 9
Atton's fist could almost anticipate the pure joy of knocking Mical's perfect white teeth down his throat. By some miracle of self-control – he sure as hell didn't know how – he kept it clenched at his side instead of indulging in the violence that scraped through his veins.
"There isn't much I can do, Atton." Mical's calm acceptance dragged across his frayed temper. If the healer also sounded weary and broken, it meant less than nothing to Atton as he watched Bish struggle to breathe through a crimson froth that bubbled up from her lungs.
"I don't care what you think you can't do, kid! She's dying. Do something!" It was only exhaustion that caused his voice to skirl upwards, sounding ominously like rising panic. His fist did lash out, then, but only to connect with the solid wall of GOTO's flying fortress.
"There isn't a single medpack left and I… I'm exhausted. I haven't been able to touch the Force since that last round of droids…"
Mical continued to ta
:iconuilleand:Uilleand 1 2
KotOR: Grey - Chapter 8
The male was quite tall for a human, the woman only slightly less so. If her companion hadn't told her what to look for, Bowen would have never picked the slender woman out as Revan.
The very thought had her fur standing on end. When a huge hand descended on her shoulder, she looked up with a snarl.
"Don't you lecture me on peace and serenity," she hissed. "You shouldn't be peeking into my mind anyway."
:I did not have to peek anywhere, little one. You look like you have licked the wrong end of a flare stick.:
"You are, perhaps, the only creature in the universe who could ever think to call me 'little one." It still disconcerted the Devaronian to have to look up at anyone. "You are certainly the only creature who could say it and remain breathing afterwards."
His low chuckle vibrated through the concrete beneath her feet and up through her spine. She clenched her teeth against a smile and only bared her fangs. It wouldn't do to let him see how pleased she was that he cou
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KotOR: Grey - Chapter 7
Breathing in the red dust of the settlement's streets, Atton wondered if his old friend would warn his mark
Doubted it. Didn't matter anyway. They would both die.
She's one of us.
He pondered that thought from a distance. If V'loren Coltro was one of Revan's elite assassins, she'd be … difficult. If she and Tremen joined forces they might actually be dangerous.
His pulse accelerated with anticipation.
She would know poisons. She would most certainly know pain. Her mind would be a tangled mess of emotion, distraction and lies.
Had he been capable of it, Atton might have actually enjoyed the prospect.
As it was, he merely flipped one of the local coins to the ragged child who was selling skewers of unidentifiable meat. Too distracted to wait for his change, he chewed the stringy mess as he walked, grease dripping unheeded onto his chest.
He paid no attention to the child's gasp of joy, but only allowed the exhausted masses to swirl past him, jostling him, directing his footst
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KotOR: Grey - Chapter 6
There was nothing to be afraid of.
And it was terrifying.
But she'd faced nothing before; had stood on the precipice of a yawning void of absence and leaped in.
Her nightmares were always about nothing. But something skittered in the empty, bumped and scuffled with an uneven step, injured but not weak. It slithered between her ears, waiting … waiting…

V'loren rested her bare foot on the shoulder of the young man kneeling in front of her. What was his name? She could reach for it … or ask … but it didn't matter. He was hers. As were all the young Sithlings scattered around the cavernous hall, reading, sparring, fighting, fawning.
Ah, such a pretty picture. How bucolic. How domestic!
All mine.

She could have hidden these daily gatherings from her 'superiors.' Sooner or later, someone was bound to get nervous. Sooner or later someone was going to take steps to remove her.
Oh, sooner! Please, let it be sooner…
Crazy bitch!
Ah, what will you
:iconuilleand:Uilleand 1 0
KotOR: Grey - Chapter 5
A fading shadow flitted through the hallways of the citadel station, hovering over the wounded planet, Telos. A multitude of souls filled the air around it, but all found a reason to look elsewhere, to see nothing, as it passed.
There were some perks to being the former Dark Lord of the Sith.
Aniki's sharp grin didn't hold any mirth. This was all too familiar. Why do we all stay in the ruts we've dug for ourselves?
She had not wept the last time. She was too sure. To stay meant the destruction of everything. She had been doing the right thing.
She didn't weep now, either. Tears could not push past the dead weight lodged in her chest. She knew, beyond any question, that there would be no forgiveness this time. A man could only be pushed so far. A heart could only be broken into so many pieces. And she had already been offered more forgiveness that she had ever deserved.
This path – this rut – laid down before her and tamped down by her own footsteps, this was her
:iconuilleand:Uilleand 2 0
KotOR: Grey - Chapter 4
Was it Dantooine?
He didn't think so, but his mind couldn't place the way the light slanted over them from a warm, yellow sun. There was grass. He could smell it, a rich, earthy scent that comforted in ways he couldn't even begin to think about.
His eyes were closed against the afternoon light, but he could sense her hovering over him – serious, yet full of mischief. It startled him, this sense of fun that he'd never guessed lurked within her.
"Can I help you?" He opened one eye and squinted up at her, adopting an air of mild annoyance.
"Are you just going to sleep here all day?"
"I just might, you know. Can't think of any good reason to move just now …"
"No? Not one good reason?"
How she managed to arch that single brow so high was a trick he'd never learned.
"Why? You got somewhere pressing to be at the moment?"
Her smile was brilliant.
"No. There's absolutely nowhere else I have to be at the moment."
He reached for her and wondered at the little jolt of surprise when hi
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KotOR: Grey - Chapter 3
A place of darkness upon darkness, pain on pain. Slithering fear.
She was not afraid.
She was not mad!
Was she?
You are, quite possibly, the craziest bitch it has ever been my misfortune to encounter.
Shut up.

V'loren's room was too hot. Sweat dripped from her temples and her belly as she lay, staring at the durasteel ceiling, but she didn't move to wipe it away. Why waste motion on an exercise in futility?
The weight that pressed down on her chest was … familiar. At least it no longer snapped her from her sleep in unthinking panic. It had manifested a year ago – a thick oppressive presence in her mind that tingled through her neurons. Her first instinct, as always, was to calm her racing heart with brutal efficiency, but she had been trained better than that. Instead, she allowed her own fear to rush through her body, lending itself to energy and hyper-aware senses.
She had seen dark Jedi draw on the Force to aid their perception, but she didn't feel its abs
:iconuilleand:Uilleand 1 4
KotOR: Grey - Chapter 2
Two sets of ghostly footsteps echoed like thunder through the ancient temple's empty corridors, their rhythm erratic and stumbling. One set limped and faltered, while the other cajoled and encouraged.
C'mon Rev, we're almost there! Please, just a little further…
Fear was a choking presence, shoving dark tentacles into nose and throat, winding around heart and lungs. Breath, blocked and gasping, hitched in soft hiccups.
She couldn't move! Her limbs dragged through the air as if she were struggling through swamp and sludge. So weak. No strength. No Force. And the blackness that hunted them only grew stronger.
C'mon, Rev. I know it hurts, but you can do this!
Dark eyes sought green in the swirling murk. Strong fingers stroked her hair, and pulled sweat-soaked tendrils from her face.
I didn't come all this way to lose you now!
Dragged, pushed and shoved with darkness clawing at her from all sides, she progressed step by agonizing step towards the light. Steady hands held her up, pr
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KotOR: Grey - Chapter 1
There had been light once.
A flash.
A single sun-drenched moment.
It was lost now, along with the rest of it.
That was good. As it should be. As it had always been.
There was, however, no shadow either.
No dark, no rage, no hatred, no blistering passion.
Even a Jedi might approve.
The thought might have twisted a smile on his lips, if he had been other than what he was now.
Revan had told him. The part of his mind that had once cared about such things spied her Republic boyfriend tensing for action as his own numb fingers had clutched at her robes. That same part of his mind noted with cold efficiency the hot tears that ran down his face, the cold 'crete floor beneath his knees.
That part of his mind was all that was left of Atton Rand.
The rest of him died in that moment.
He wondered idly whether the others in the room had heard the crack when it happened.
All those things that had been him – no matter what identity he carried – all those things were gone. His hair
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Mature content
Transposed :iconuilleand:Uilleand 0 0
"Since when do you have fireworks at Halloween?" I muttered from under the ancient desk where I'd last seen the non-repro blue pencil rolling away from me.
"Oh, it's a big deal here. There's always fireworks in B.C. Well, they've been doing it for years in Vancouver." Gail's close-cropped cap of white hair bobbed to some inaudible tune as she wielded her X-Acto knife with brutal efficiency. "In fact," she announced proudly, "two-thirds of all fireworks injuries to children in Canada happen in B.C., and 90 per cent of those are around Halloween."
"That's …umm…that's great?"
Four-thousand kilometres may as well have been a rocket ship to a different planet. Or a different century, I thought, eyeing the wicked knife in Gail's hand and the precise lines of black tape that seemed to appear by magic across the mock-ups of the next edition of the Nechako Times-Observer. I dreamed of multi-gig RAM, PDF files, and vowed to Google X-Acto injuries when I got home. Or maybe
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Mature content
Ess Ee Ex :iconuilleand:Uilleand 0 0
Dragon Age: Hero
Title: Hero
Author: Uilleand
Game: Dragon Age
Characters/pairing: Alistair/Surana
Disclaimer: Dragon Age in all its awesomeness is completely owned by BioWare ... as is my soul.

She probably thought she was getting away with it. But she hadn't accounted for the rattle and creak of the drake scale armour, which allowed for much less stealth than the soft robes she was used to.
She also hadn't accounted for the unrelenting eyes of the king of Ferelden.
Even in midst of the organized chaos of an army on the move, Alistair's gaze was zeroed in on Brianne Surana's escape. He saw her intention long before Zevran's warning tap, meant to alert him to the mage's small figure fading into the red dust kicked up by thousands of booted feet on the West Road to Denerim.
They hadn't spoken more than a dozen words since the Landsmeet, and half of those had been during their oh-so-cheerful chat with Riordan in Redcliff. There was still at least a day's hard march before the amassed armies of Fe
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Fanfiction writer's Meme by Uilleand Fanfiction writer's Meme :iconuilleand:Uilleand 5 11

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**peeks out from under pile of RL garbage**

Oh, Hai thar!!

So...umm...this doesn't happen to me often, but I was smecked upside the face tonight with the urge to write...ummm...poetry.... Yeah...sooooo... **shifts awkwardly**

If there's anyone still out there, I'd like to offer three slots for a free poem. Just leave a comment about what you'd like your poem to be about. As always, I can do fanwork of pretty much anything BioWare...and some random, assorted other geekery....and if you want something completely different, just give me enough details so it'll have the content you're looking for.

Yeah...I know...this is weird. Heh...

Available poems:
1. watcher6161
2. jainaE


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